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Monuments in Granada

Alhama de Granada Hospital de la Reina

Monuments in Granada

Hospital de la Reina – Alhama de Granada

The Hospital de la Reina of Alhama de Granada was the first hospital built in the Kingdom of Granada by mandate of the Catholic Kings. Built on an Islamic construction we can clearly distinguish two construction phases:

1485-1540: There was built a first core structured around a central courtyard, with galleries supported by studs, currently by stone columns, the fruit of a reconstruction of 1995. Around the building, on various levels, there are various rooms, some having good examples of the previous use, mostly seriously restored, with Moorish carved work.

Different construction techniques of Islamic tradition were used in the construction of the building. The facade consists of a “half point span” like those of the Renaissance Court, above it rises a high window protected by an overhang that surrounds the building. In the left corner we see a sculpted skull, a recurring symbol of the function of the building as a hospital.

1530: There was attached to the rear of the building a construction in the form of Tower crowned by a gallery of Renaissance arches. The building was decorated outside with geometric motifs.

Hospital de la Reina alhama-de-granada-hospital-de-la-reina-1

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