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Monuments in Granada

Alhama de Granada – San Diego Convent

Monuments in Granada

San Diego Convent – Alhama de Granada

The San Diego Convent is situated in the extreme western part of the Carmen suburb, in the town of Alhama de Granada. The current stonework can be dated from the second half of the 17th century.

At present this building is occupied by a small community of Francisco Clarisa nuns dedicated to the production of a well known and noteworthy confectionary. The church, of small size, is in the Latin cross form, the principal nave covered by a barrel vault with small crescent shaped false windows and on both sides exist side chapels.

The high choir at the foot of these is traditionally situated and the lower choir (where the nuns participate in the liturgy) is in the right part of the high altar, where at present there are 18th century liturgical objects. The central altarpiece was made in the middle of the 20th century in Neo-Baroque style, which emphasizes the image of the Immaculate one (17th century) attributed to Alonso de Mena. In the cloister remainders of some murals with bucolic themes are preserved.

The outside of the convent has been heavily renovated since suffering serious damage during the civil war.

San Diego Convent - Alhama de Granada

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