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Monuments in Granada

Alhama de Granada – Square of the Prisioners

Monuments in Granada

Square of the Prisioners – Alhama de Granada

The Square of the Prisioners Useful Information.

The Prison

This was built in 1674 under the mandate of Carlos II. It would have been semi-detached to the old town hall. Its most notable features are the city shield of that era (since it is one of the few remaining representations that has been conserved), the inscription in the facade with the date of its construction, and the window with its double grating. Is located near the Wamba Fountain.

The Public Granary

Square of the Prisioners, Prison and Granary - Alhama de GranadaThis was built in the first half of the 16th century (and according to some researchers) over a Jewish synagogue of the 13th century. The building was utilised to store grains, especially wheat and to sell them to the citizens at reasonable prices in times of shortage.

Notable is its front, with its two forged grill windows and the entrance door that has the old city shield worked into its arch´s keystone.

Its interior is composed of two large naves separated by a great central arcade. Currently it is a private property.

The Basin in the Plaza de los Presos /Square of the Prisioners):

Semi-detached at the moment, to the rear of the vestry of the Church of the Incarnation, on the basin´s front we find the shield of King Carlos I (previously located on another facade in the Plaza de los Presos).

Square of the Prisioners, Prison and Granary - Alhama de Granada alhama-de-granada-pilar

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