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Monuments in Granada

Alhama de Granada – Wamba Fountain

Monuments in Granada

Caño Wamba – Fountain, Alhama de Granada

Caño Wamba – Wamba Fountain
Alhama de Granada

The Caño Wamba is located few minutes from the Church of the Angustias and the Old Jail.

Built in 1533, it was the first public fountain in Alhama. Curiously it is named after a Gothic King, although there isn’t any iconographic reference that refers to him on it. On both sides of the front hood of the basin, the emblems of Isabella (the yoke) and Ferdinand (arrows) are found.

At the centre, is the shield of their grandson Carlos I of Spain (Carlos V of Germany). The fountain can be seen to be a telling representation of the new Christian power.

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This fountain, together with the Pilar de la Torre, the Caño de San Diego and the Pilar de la Carrera, form part of the same water distribution network from two springs that rise in a nearby mountain range. Currently both springs go to the water tank, from there to the sources, but already chlorinated.

The fountain is located on a street with the same name, attached to the wall of a house. In this regard we transcribe the description that Raya Retamer makes of it, in her book referring to the History of Alhama and its monuments: it is Renaissance in style, beautiful in appearance and with some baroque additions. Read more…

Caño Wamba

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