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Villages in Granada

Alicún de Ortega

Villages in Granada

Alicun de Ortega, Los Montes Region

Alicun de Ortega is a little town located over flat land, together with the River Guadahortuna and in the border with Jaén. We have to emphasize that it is one of the oldest towns in the province, and that it is the most historic, because it is about the Roman Acatucci.

In Alicún de Ortega it was found important and numerous Neolithic and Iberian remains. During the domination it was called Acatucci and later Agatugia. The place name Alicún, which is quite common in Spanish geography, refers to the establishment of baths thermal springs, and comes from Arab-Andalusí period.

It was a border area during Middle Ages and this place suffered frequently the Christian “troop of riders”, harassing operations and robbery that Castilian riders who were quartered in Cazorla carried out over Guadix which was Moslem land. It was a preliminary about the taking of Granada, that was conquest by the Catholic Monarchs.

Alicun de Ortega Monuments

Parish Church (XVII century).

Archaeological Sites

Moslem Baths Remains.

Town Planning

Vegetable gardens and thermal springs.

Alicun de Ortega Gastronomy

Sausages (filling, salami-type sausage, hard pork sausage, blood sausage). Tarts of pringue. Grilled lamb. Encebollado. Oatmeal porridges. Stew of Tarbinas (a kind of sweet).

Some of its most typical dishes are andrajos, fried breadcrumbs and potatoes, Oatmeal porridges and some desserts such as the wine bread roll, alfajores (sweet biscuit with filling), tarts of milk, etc,

How to get there

You have to exit Granada and take the Motorway A-92 towards: Guadix – Almería – Murcia. Then take the exit towards: Exit 276 – Diezma. In the area around Diezma, turn left: GR-NE-21. Cross Darro and continue in the Motorway: A-308. Turn right and take GR-NE-32. Cross Huélago and follow the signs until Villanueva de las Torres. Cross Dehesas de Guadix and continue until you get Alicún de Ortega.

Distances from Alicun de Ortega

Moreda 39 km
Granada 88 km
Huelma 52 km
Guadahortuna 42 km
Benalúa de Guadix 40 km
Cabra del Sto. Cristo 39 km
Villanueva de las Torrres 11 km

Comarca de los Montes Orientales

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