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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Almáchar is located in the centre of La Axarquía. It is over a little hill between the rivers El Borge and Almáchar, in a place surrounded by olive tres, cereals and hillocks marked out by vineyards and here we can find the raisins of recognized world-famous.

It is located to the west of La Axarquía, 35 kilometres from the capital, 14 kilometres from Vélez Málaga and from 200 metres above sea level. The annual average rainfall is 560 l/m2, and the average temperature is 16,5 º C.

The name of the village, like many others in La Axarquía, is of Arab origin; although it has been known like Macharalhayate and, later, like Almáchar de la Cruz.

During Moslem domination Almáchar, El Borge, Cútar and Moclinejo formed a whole known like “The Four Towns”, which had the protection of Comares Castle.

In the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century, the municipality was famous because of the cloths making, which was made in a huge number of craft textile mills. Nowadays its population take up farming, especially to the crop of muscatel grape and to the production of raisins.

Monuments in Almáchar

Parish of San Mateo

Avenue of La Cabra

Almáchar Gastronomy

Sausages. Gazpacho (Andalusian cold soup). Ajoblanco (crushed garlics, breadcrumbs, salt, oil, vinegar and water). Yellow Soups (flour, yolks, soup and croutons). Cabbages. Sprouts. Stew.

Between all the peculiar dishes of the municipality we can find the Ajoblanco, with so popular roots that since 1967, every year it is celebrated at the beginning of September an exaltation party because of this kind of gazpacho.

How to get there

To the locality we can access from two different points of the province, Málaga-Almáchar via Rincón de la Victoria (35 Kilometres) or Málaga-Almáchar via Vélez-Málaga (55 Kilometres).

Through the Mediterranean Motorway, A-7, you have to turn off Rincón de la Victoria and join to MA-107 towards Benagalbón, Almácharcontinue through MA-108 towards Moclinejo and after take the MA-149 towards the locality. You have covered 35 Kilometres, 15 through Motorway and 20 kilometres of local road.

Through the Motorway A-7, you have to turn off Vélez Málaga through the Motorway A-335. To three kilometres you have to take the MA-135 towards Benamocarra and turn off to two kilometres MA-178 that leads to the town. It is a perfect Access from the Eastern area of the region. You have covered 55 Kilometres, 41 through the Motorway and14 kilometres through the local road.

Distances from Almáchar

Málaga 35 km
Moclinejo 8,5 km
Marbella 96 km
Nerja 38 km

Almáchar - Iglesia de San Mateo


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