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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


The Almargen pueblo (village) is located in the Serrania de Ronda, including the Sierra de Cañete and Sierra Zorrito. Almargen is identified with the people of the plains whose main livelihood lies in agriculture, in a landscape of olive, corn and sunflower fields.

There are numerous archaeological sites that confirm the existence of villages from the Copper Age, through Bronze, Iberian, Roman and Islamic ages.

The heart of the village is the main square, which has a fountain and is very near the church of the Immaculate Conception (XVI century). Locally there are are medicinal sites which may be visited, also the source of the Casablanca and the caves of Saint Peter and Casablanca. The Almargen area is suitable for hiking and cycling. In addition, you can see archeological remains of extraordinary quality, a phallic style idol, Bronze Age engravings and copies of early swords.

The presence of Neolithic man can be found in the area of Almargen , Phoenician artifacts have also been found. Later, in Roman times, the Antikaria Way linked the area to Acinipo, and the Roman legacy still can be found here.

Of Arab origin, the current name would mean “the two meadows”, and Arab pottery has been found along the rivers in the area.


The municipality of Almargen is particularly suitable for an alternative tourism. Given its diverse flora and the abundance of medicinal water in some places, the area is recommended for hiking or cycling.

Pines, oaks, willows, poplars, and herbs such as thyme and broom cover large areas of land, making a slow walk well worthwhile. If the trip is taken in the season in which cereals and legumes are green, travelers can enjoy a rare panorama.

Almargen Monuments

Church of the Immaculate Conception
White House
Archaeological Remains


Almargen Township is known for its sausages, asparagus soups, local thick gazpacho and local pastries.

How to get there

From the city of Málaga, take the road N-331 to the link, near Antequera, with the A-92 (to Sevilla). Seven kilometers Campillos see the turning on the A-384, continued in the same route to reach the town.

Distances from Almargen

Ronda 44 km
Olvera 28km
Malaga 96 km
Sevilla 123km


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  1. Nací en Almargen ( Malága), a los cuatro años de edad, por traslado de mi padre, que era el Jefe de Estación del ferrocarril de Almargen; siendo trasladado a Loja ( Granada ). Actualmente vivo en un pueblecito de la provincia de Lérida, llamado: Puigverd de Lleida. Y aquí estoy, con añoranza del pueblo que me vio nacer. Y buscaba un video que me diese una vista general de Almargen en la actualidad.

  2. Carlos Javier Saiquita Fernández escribio:

    Buenas tardes. Me podrian decir algún espacio natural del pueblo?. Muchas gracias.

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