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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Almedinilla – Subbetica Region

Almedinilla is a municipality situated to the south of the province, in the comarca (region) Subbética. Its landscape is a sea of olive trees in fairly rugged terrain typical of the Sierras Subbeticas. The Sierra de Albayate provides plenty of water and scenic attractions such as Cola de Caballo, near the hamlet of Fuente Grande.

The municipality limits with Priego de Córdoba, Alcalá la Real and Montefrío.

The village, located in the lee of Cerro de la Cruz, is a picturesque group of houses spread over a valley floor with winding, narrow streets with beautiful nooks, crannies and corners. The most prominent building is the Torre del Reloj (Clock Tower).

Near the town you can find Ruedo, a very important archaeological site.

Its name is probably derived from Menidna Al-iya: “coming-of-the-city”, it would have been a small village or hamlet (farm) under the jurisdiction of Priego (Medina Baguh), and only in the late seventeenth century would it be established as a village in its own right, always under Priego, until in 1844 it had its own Ayuntamiento.

The relationship of Almedinilla with the Order of Calatrava from 1246, with its own relationship to the Diocese of Jaen, the House of Aguilar in 1370, and annexation to the Abbey of Alcalá la Real from 1341 to 1873, marked some of the major historical vicissitudes of the region.

During the eighteenth century there was an incipient occupation of the territory as a result of colonization, to be consolidated throughout the nineteenth century with successive confiscations, among which were included communal lands.

Almedinilla Monuments

Viñuela Chapel.
Torre del Reloj (Clock Tower).


Necropolis of Collados.
Iberian settlement of Cerro de la Cruz.


Limed or whitewashed arch in Calle Molinos.

Almedinilla Gastronomy

Embutidos (Sausages, most notably the white pudding, also known as morcillo de huevo, brains and bread, depending on the elements necessary for its manufacture). Adobillos (soups or sauces used to flavor or preserve meats). Potatoes with cod. Deviled eggs. Loin in almond sauce.
Sweets: Pimporrete (single cream, fresh and soft). Donuts. Arropías. Biscuits. Cakes.

The municipality is part of the production area of a product that stands out for its quality: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
It is sold with the label as:
The Designation of Origin “Priego de Córdoba”.

Almedinilla Directions

Out of Cordoba. At the roundabout, take exit 2 and continue on: Road to Granada . Continue on N-432. Passing Santa Cruz and Baena. Turn right: CP-151. Around Zamorano, go on: A-333. Turn left: A-3225. Pass Fuentee Tójar. Turn right: Carreterra del Alcaudete and enter Almedinilla.

Distances from Almedinilla

Luque 30 km
Cabra 36 km
Lucena 43 km
Cordoba 97 km
Zuheros 35 km
Carcabuey 18 km
Los Villares 23 km
Dona Mencia 38 km
Priego de Cordoba 10 km

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