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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The municipality of Almensilla is located to the south-west of Sevilla, in the southern border of the Region of Aljarafe, very near of the transition zone with Las Marismas. Limits with the municipalities of Mairena del Aljarafe, Palomares del Río, Coria del Río and Bollullos de la Mitación.

It has an area of 1.440 Hectares and its whole population in 1.996 was 2.232 inhabitants. It has a single focus of Population, although, in the boundary with the area of Palomares del Río has been built several urbanization of second residences that, at present, are under way of town-planning legalization.

At the beginning, this village only was a “farmhouse”, which during middle Ages was transformed in a “village of Palomares del Río”, until 1.837, year in which it became independent of this village and it created its own Town Hall.

The origin of the name is still a reason of dispute between different authors: Someone of them thinks that its present name comes from the name of an Arab landlord, called “Al Mensi”. Other ones think that the name comes from the word “Mensilla”, that means in Roman “small plateau”, and that Arabs add it the article “Al”., joining both words after the “Reconquest”.

Almensilla Monuments

Church of Ntra. Sra. de la Antigua
Hermitage de San Diego
Farmhouse de Quinta
Farmhouse de San Antonio


Sausages. Sopeao (andalusian cold soup with fried breadcrumbs, you can add melon, grapes, cucumber, tomato, onion, with olive oil). Breadcrumbs.

Sweets: Pestiños (honey-coated pancakes). Cakes. Sponge cakes. Fairy cakes. Bread rolls.

How to get there

Cross Sevilla, take the road Muro de Defensa, towards Huelva – Mérida, leave behind Sevilla. Take E-803 , A66, SE-30 towards Coria del Río – Huelva-Mérida. Round about of Camas take A-3122 towards San Juan de Aznalfarache Alto, Mairena del Aljarafe and Coria del Río. Cross San Juan de Aznalfarache and Mairena de Aljarafe. Take A-3120. Turn right A-3118and continue up to Almensilla


Sevilla 17 km
Huelva 88 km
Mérida 209 km
Mairena de Aljarafe 7 km
San Juan de Aznalfarache 10 km

Almensilla Town Hall

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