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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Almocita Sierra Nevada & Gádor

Almocita is a small municipality located between Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Gádor, in the Almeria province. Its municipal area belongs to the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, one of the most important nature paradises, because of its landscape, botanical, faunal and anthropological resources. The municipality limits with Beires, Padules, Fondón and Dalías.

The town preserves the typical Moorish architecture in the region and in it we can observe the Parish Church.

In Almocita, founded by Tubal’s descendants, survives the Arab history both in its streets and in the urban architecture, preserving the Judería (Jewish quarter) in the Barrio Bajo, with its valuable dwellings in ruins. This place, that seems so quiet and humble in its existence, contains in its urban area the best Moorish architecture.

It has simple houses, narrow and winding streets, and it is pleasant to observe inside it squares decorated with bindweeds and geraniums.

In the past, here there was a communal Arab well, that supplied the town, over which nowadays it is located the Town Hall; a fountain, a bath, a n oven next to the mosque, a flour mill in the river Bogaraya, an iron factory set up by the Marquis with the same name, that made every year 3.000 arrobas (24-36 lbs) with wind machine to impulses of water, that propelled the air to the fire of the furnaces that it had; one blacksmith’s and two olive-oil mills.

During the medieval age it had a big worm farm and white mulberry trees, from which only a few are preserved, for this reason it had a great silk industry. In Sierra de Gádor you still can observe the tower of the old factory known «La Escopeta», located in the gully of El Pilar.

You can also visit the ruins of the mines La Pandora and la Minilla.

To the West of the town it is located a quarry of slate very malleable to the layout, that were made good use of them to make alterations and cover the hall and roofs of the old smelting of  lead of the town.

Traditionally, in the town there was produced oil, almond and dessert grape, and in its jurisdiction you can observe part of the famous mines of lead of La Solana. These mines were source of wealth in the past, located in El Cerro del Capitán that dominates the town.

Its history is similar to the rest of the places in the region. It is important to emphasize a historic episode that happened in 1570: the arrival of Juan de Austria to Almócita in order to negotiate the reduction of revolted Moriscos in La Alpujarra, whose peace was celebrated under a holm oak in El Cortijo del Hadid, that from then it was named «Cortijo de las Paces».

Different parts of it, among them its tower, were rebuilt at the end of the XVII century; these restorations do not fit to the original model, provoking the breaking-off of the harmony and beauty of the monument. Inside it was put the El Santísimo Sacramento by the Archbishop of Granada, Martín de Ascargosta; his solid image is complemented with the beautiful coffering that covers its only nave. Padules and Almócita share the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados that nowadays it is in ruins and located over a hill among the towns.

It is advised a walk through the Tajos de Cuevacaliente and El Laerán, over the Barranco del Bosque, place where it was extracted the masonry to the construction of the mentioned church. Its meadow, terraced over the river Andarax, is fertile and we can observe wonderful landscapes among the high mountains, gullies and hills.

Almocita Monuments

Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia. Mudejar style.
Fuente y plaza de la Libertad
Lavadero público (Public Washing Place)
Hermitage of Almócita


Potaje de hinojos (Stew of fennels). Potaje de trigo pelado. Potaje de acelgas (Stew of Swiss chards). Migas (Fried breadcrums). Fritada de conejo (Fried rabbit). Tortilla de collejas.

Sweets: Gurullos. Merengues. Soplillos.

How to get there

If you exit Almería towards Tabernas by the old Nacional 340, you get Benahadux. In the crossroads to the left take the road towards Alpujarra and following by this road, towards Canjáyar you have to leave back the following towns: Alhama de Almería, Huécija, Instinción, Rágol, Canjáyar and Padules


Rágol 14 km
Ohanes 10 km
Almería 50 km
Instinción 16 km
Alboloduy 33 km
Alhama de Almería 27 km

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  1. Henk Peters escribio:

    Can you help me?
    I want to visit Almocita in September/October and am looking for information about the weather. What is the night temperature in Almocita in September/October? Almocita is located at an altitude of about 800m and maybe it is very cold at night at that time?

    • Domingo escribio:

      The best time to travel to Almócita in Spain is from May to October, where you have pleasant weather or warm weather and hardly any precipitation. The average maximum temperature in Almócita is 27˚ in july and 13˚ in january.

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