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Water Dams in Cádiz

Almodóvar Dam

Water Dams in Cádiz

Almodovar Dam & Reservoir

The Almodovar dam is located in the Almodovar river, belong to the Cuenca Atlántica Andaluza, in the municipality on Tarifa, province of Cádiz and just about 5 km from Facinas, in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales.

The main access to the Almodovar dam is restricted to the public but the reservoir can be see it if you followed a secondary road in bad conditions that take you in the direction of Los Barrios.

The Almodovar Dam is a gravity dam (resist the thrust of water entirely by their own weight) and straight plant.

The reservoir has a capacity of 6 hm3.

The reservoir is used to: Water suplied and Irrigation

Presa de Almodóvar

Presa de Almodóvar - Embalse de Almodóvar - Pantano de Almodóvar

Presa de Almodóvar/Dique del Collado

Río: Almodóvar
Municipio: Tarifa
Cuenca Hidrográfica: Guadalete y Barbate
Provincia: Cádiz
Tipo de presa: Materiales sueltos homogenea
Cota de coronación: 107 m
Altura desde cimientos: 9 m
Longitud de coronación: 698 m
Cota del cauce en la presa: 98,2 m

Presa de Almodóvar - Dique del Collado

Presa de Almodóvar - Dique del Collado

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