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Monuments in Huelva

Almonaster la Real Bullring

Monuments in Huelva

Almonaster la Real Bullring

The Almonaster la Real Bullring is located next to the Castle and the Mosque, in the town of Almonaster la Real, Huelva province.

Put up on the former parade ground, and made of masonry coming from encircling wall, it is one of the three bullrings in Almonaster ( with Santa Eulalia(XVII c.) and San Cristobal). This centenarian bullring was unveiled in 1891, and Fernando el Gallo, the creator of the well-known bullfighting tradition, who performed the first bullfighting in this age.

A building work of restoration recently has been integrated into the rest of the historical monuments of the Mosque.

Capacity around: 1200 spectators.

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One of the most interesting aspects of the Plaza de Toros lies in having been built supported by the canvases of the military compound, it maintains certain links with the hermitage. Its proximity to it shows us the compatibility of bullfights with pilgrimages and religious celebrations. Stone ashlars from the castle were used to configure a circular plaza with an internal diameter of 32 meters and some grandstands that were arranged taking advantage of the accentuated topography and the cyclopean mass excavated beneath it. The burladeros, which are protected by a wooden barrier when bullfights are held, are regularly distributed with the gates; the main one under the presidency, oriented towards the interior of the fortress, and the one with bullpens, facing each other, gives way to the corrals located on the perimeter of the wall. The presidential box is raised one meter above the lines to increase the clearance of the door. Painted with whitewash on the inside, on the outside it looks like a stretch of wall: a high masonry wall topped with an eave of Arabic tile, on which the plastered and whitewashed door rises slightly. At present, an annual celebration is celebrated in the central days of August, coinciding with the town’s fair. Read more…

Plaza de Toros de Almonaster la Real

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