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Monuments in Huelva

Almonaster la Real Mosque

Monuments in Huelva

Almonaster la Real Mosque

Almonaster la Real Mosque is located on the top of a hill, next to the Castle and the Bullring, in the village of Almonaster la Real, province of Huelva.

Built during the reign of Abd al-Rahman III. It has two fundamental and distinct spaces: the pillared prayer hall (Haram) and the courtyard of ablutions (Shan), a third important element is the minaret, from where the muezzin calls to prayer.

El Haram, of irregular plan, consists of five ships – the central wider, perpendicular to the qibla wall, whose center is the mihrab, the most archaic of the Peninsula, covered by a half-sphere dome, and alfiz horseshoe arch. The constructed with material hauling, Roman and Visigothic and arches of brick.

The Shan, carved into the rock floor is irregular, almost square, the stack of ablutions is carved in granite rough shape.Mezquita de Almonaster la Real

The minaret of the Islamic epoch retains only the lower third and it is accessed via a staircase built around the central pier.

The mosque Almonaster la Real, unique in Spain, became the early Christian church 13th century, after the conquest by the Portuguese.

He adds an interesting apse, changing its orientation. In S. The building was renovated in the 16th century; it opened the door of the south wall, was added the porch and sacristy was built the minaret was added to a body of bells. In the 18th century, the Christian apse was covered with a frescoed dome, now badly damaged.

After visiting the village of Almonaster la Real, we can only say that the visit to this beautiful village of Huelva is highly recommended.

Época Califal.

Almonaster la Real Mosque

Mezquita de Almonaster la Real

Mosque of Almonaster la Real

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