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Villages in Huelva


Villages in Huelva

Alosno, Andevalo Region

Belonging to the judicial district of Valverde del Camino, Alosno is in the region of Andévalo, separated from the capital by 45 km. It has a population of 4861 inhabitants occupying an area of 201.1 km. The river Oraque is a tributary of the Odiel and major cultivated areas near its banks are those of Augustine and Dehesa Boyal. Its agricultural production is based on the olive groves, oranges and cereals, however, its main economic wealth is in the extraction of copper pyrites and shell.

In its municipal district are the ancient mines of Tharsis. The Carthaginians as well as the Romans traded in metals. Traces have also been detected of Visigoth and Arab habitation. Throughout history traces can be found of old mines and important archaeological sites are emerging, located in the so called Cabezo Juré, dating from the third millennium BC.

Alosno throughout the millennia was an ancient village of farmers, herders and miners which has created an original cultural heritage with diverse roots. The main produce is cereal and olives. Cork oak and holm oak is considered to be the home of the Ganado pig.

In cultural matters Alosno is considered the cradle of the fandango of Huelva.

Alosno Monuments

Ermita del Señor de las Columnas, XVI century

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, siglo XVIII. Renaissance style built on an ancient temple.

Urban sites

Houses of regional architecture
Calle Real.
Fuente(fountain) de la Begacha.
Fuente del Piano.
Railway station,  XIX century
Mirador Cabez Juré and Chaparral.

Embalse (Reservoir) del Lagunazo

Alosno Gastronomy

The sausages and ham are to be recommended, without forgetting the wide range of bakery products such as bollos de pringua, cakes and incredible buñuelos(doughnuts). In the town’s restaurants proof of excellent cuisine can be found in the lamb stew, jugged hare and gazpacho. The town is also famous for its spirits.

Getting There

Exit Huelva Gibraleón direction. Around Gibraleón, turn right: A-495. Travesía de San Bartolomé de la Torre and continue to the Alosno Crossing of San Bartolome de la Torre and from there continue to Alosno.

Distances from Alosno

Huelva 45 km
Tharsis 8 km
Calañas 36 km
Gibraleón 29 km
Puebla de Guzmán 16 km
Villanueva de los Castillejos 19 km

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