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Monuments in Málaga

Alozaina Arch

Monuments in Málaga

Arch of Alozaina

The present settlements were founded under the rule of the Almoravids, Almohads and, finally, the Nazari in the Middle Ages. All  left their mark on the castles, town planning, type of houses irrigation channels and reservoirs, terraces and on many other elements that have become prominent features of these towns.

This large stone arcade, spanning three horseshoe arches, where the central arch is larger than the two side arches, was built towards the middle of the XX century to celebrate the Arabian past and has become the entrance gate to the town, which opens up into an eminently Moorish style town plan, especially in the old quarters.

The streets are steep, labyrinthine and narrow, sometimes cul-de-sacs, with bright white facades and hidden corners displaying bright, colourful flowers.

Traditional houses still predominate in the most ancient sections. The more stately homes are built in the squares or in the main streets and have two or three floors, ample portals and windows and balconies decorated with beautiful railings. The more humble houses do not usually exceed two low floors. The facades usually include small windows, the purpose of which, like the thick walls, is to insulate the houses.

A small monument or some type of remains that remind us of past times occasionally appear next to these old constructions.

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