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Castles in Málaga

Alozaina Castle

Castles in Málaga

Alozaina Castle & Tower of Maria Sagredo

The Alozaina Castle is located next to the Santa Ana Parish Church and the Tower of María Sagredo, in the Andalusian municipality of Alozaina.

Although the original castle only the remains of walls and towers are preserved in posterior restorations they have turned into a magnificent viewpoint and the place where the main celebrations of the town are celebrated.

Torreón de María Sagredo (S.XV). Patrimonio Cultural de Alozaina

Alozaina Castle (XV Century) is mentioned for the first time in the Nazari period and the Christian chronicles give news of its surrender in 1484. After the rebellion of the Moriscos in 1568 it was repopulated with Christians.

In an attempt to reconstruct the ancient fortress, in the fifties a new walled enclosure is built, with battlements and towers, without responding to the original factory. It is call Parque Mirador, from which to observe the contrast of Sierra Prieta and the Hoya de Málaga.

Torreón de María Sagredo (S.XV).

This tower was part of the defensive structure of the Alozaina Castle. From him, Maria Sagredo heroically defended the town during the Moorish rebellion of 1570 to throw on the besiegers beehives that made them put to flight.

The Tower of Maria Sagredo is a few meters from the Parish Church of Santa Ana.

Castillo de Alozaina

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