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Monuments in Málaga

Alozaina Santa Ana Parish Church

Monuments in Málaga

Santa Ana Parish Church – Alozaina

The Santa Ana Parish Church in Alozaina was built in 1505 and confirmed in 1510. It originally depended on the parish of Casarabonela. However, the parish church built in the high part of the town dates from 1578.

In 1605 it needed restoring. This work, in the Francisco de Medina style, affected the roof, floors, the tower staircase and the sacristy and was performed by Jerónimo Hernández, following the instructions of Pedro Díaz de Palacios, master of the Malaga Cathedral.

The present church was built in the XVIII century, on the site where the original church existed, and possibly taking advantage of certain original parts. It was built by Felipe Pérez the minor, master in architecture, between 1770 and 1774.

This temple uses the Latin cross plan with wooden ceilings, even over the crossing. At the foot is a small tribune supported by a low arch. At the angles formed by the arms of the crossing with the nave, two square chapels with vaults have been built. These chapels connect with polygonal lady chapels, one of which still has remains of plasterwork. The apse has been reinforced with an external wall that surrounds it, leaving a little passage between both walls.Santa Ana Parish Church in Alozaina

The external part is masonry with a round arch over the main entrance, between pillars that support a tablet with an inscription that refers to the time when the town was conquered by the Christians in 1484. The side entrance presents a more simple composition, with bands in relief. The tiles include an inscription that refers to its creation as a parish in 1622, as formerly it depended on the parish of Casarabonela. These inscriptions, as well as a large part of the Church, have suffered significantly from the restoration performed in 1953 because, during the war, the church had been totally destroyed.

The tower rises next to the apse. It is square, solid and free from ornaments, except for the belfry, which is octagonal in shape, with a pyramidal roof. The main openings are supported by round arches, while the others include a band with an opening in the middle that originals at the base of a corbel crowned by a pine, which marks the transition from the square to the octagonal shape.

The exterior is plastered masonry with semicircular arch in its main entrance, between pilastres cajeadas holding.

Santa Ana Parish Church is located next to the Alozaina Castle and the Tower of Maria Sagredo.

Santa Ana Parish Church



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  2. Christopher Powrie escribio:

    I would like someone who can speak English to email me please. I used to live in Alozaina but it is some years ago and I have lost my Spanish abilities.

    I used to be friends with Antomio Lima and his son Martin. I need to contact them in regards to church business.

    It is in regards to the church having the use of my house.

    Please trust me and write.
    Vaya con Dios

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