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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Alpandeire is located in the centre of the Ronda region (Serranía de Ronda) , that is about 17 kilometres from Ronda, and it is 120 kilometres from the capital of the province. Its urban area  is located 700 metres above sea level, the annual average rainfall is about 1.200 l/m2 and the average temperature is14º C

The origins of this lovely village go back to the year 711, being one of the first fortified villages by the Moslems in the Serranía de Ronda. But we know about the existence of the prehistoric man because of the archaeology found in Alpandeire, which went on for Brass Age, since burials like Encinas Borrachas, Montero and the Sepultura del Gigante have been preserved.


Monolith of Fernando VII
Municipal Laundry Area
Antiguo Pósito
Old Quarter
Church of San Antonio de Padua
Statue of Fray Leopoldo
Well of the Church
Dolmens of Encinas Borrachas
Casa Natal de Fray Leopoldo

Genal Valley

Gastronomy of Alpandeire

We can find in the gastronomy of Alpandeire dishes like rabbit fried with garlic, lamb with tomato sauce, in winter hot gazpacho and in summer it is served cold. Between the desserts we can emphasize the homemade confectionery to Easter, like the borrachuelos (sponge cakes covered with rum), pestiños (honey-coated fritters), suspiros (cakes with almonds and white) and the rosquillón. There are another sweets like the dried figs with walnuts and the orejones (dried peaches).

Fray Leopold Route

The route of Fray Leopold is the path that the Blessed settled out on when he visited his home town, Alpandeire. He arrived to Jimera de Líbar Rail Station from Granada, where he had his residence in the Capuchin monastery of the city. From the station he went up to Jimera de Líbar on foot, from here to Atajate and then through Audalázar arrived to Alpandeire.

Nowadays, following this route is to recall his steps and his passing through Serranía de Ronda. This way offers the posibility to enjoy one of the most exceptional enviroments of the area.

How to get there

To get Alpandeire from the Western Costa del Sol you have to depart from San Pedro de Alcántara by the Motorway A-376 towards Ronda. AlpandeireTwelve kilometres before Ciudad del Tajo you have to take the road MA-525, that on the same latitude as Cartajima it is called MA-518 until Júzcar. Between Júzcar and Faraján you have to continue through the road MA-517 and through the MA-516 from this village until Alpandeire. This is the same road that changes its name according to the municipal area that crosses.

From Western Costa del Sol, through the Motorways AP-7 or through the old N-340 you arrive to Manilva, where you find the Motorway A-377 until Gaucín. In this village you access to the Motorway A-369 that crosses by Algatocín Benadalid and Atajate. Nine kilometres from Atajete you have to turn off by the MA-515, which takes you to Alpandeire.

Distances from Alpandeire

Ronda 17 km
Málaga 120 km
Marbella 64 km




Plaza Fray Leopoldo

Fray Leopoldo


Pilar del Terra

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