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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Alsodux – Medio Andarax Valley

Alsodux is a municipality located in the Almería province. It has 126 inhabitants and is to 21 kilometres from the capital.

The municipal area of Alsodux has an area of 20,10 Km2. The city centre is at Latitude 37o 00′ North and 20 35’Longitude West and to 310 metres over the sea level.

The historians have translated its name like the “sexto (sixth)”. It comes from the Arab Word al-sadis or from the andalusí dialectal form sodux. It would refer to the place that occupies in the taha de Marchena. Nowadays some Arabists do not agree about this thesis.

The geographer and Muslim chronicler from the XII century Idrisi, speaks about Alsodux like a farm located in a strategic place between the river Nacimiento and the access to Guadix.

With the Christian conquest, after the surrender of Baza and the Capitulaciones de Almería, the taha de Marchena will be ceded to Gutierre de Cárdenas y Chacón.

Before the expulsion of the Moriscos in 1570, Alsodux had 80 houses, a mill, an olive-oil mill and more or less 75 Moorish inhabitants. After the expulsion it will be repopulated in 1574 with 29 inhabitants who came from Castilla, Andalucía Occidental and Levante.

The XVIII and XIX centuries will be characterized by a rise in population and an economic relaunch. With the abolition of the domain in 1835 it will be independent town council.

Alsodux is basically a farming town. During Al-Andalus period some products were exported such as raisins, oil and silk. In the XIX century it was brought the uva de Ohanes. Nowadays, the biggest area is farming with citrus, it follows the horticulture and fruit trees.


Parish Church of Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción
Chapel of Las Ánimas
Fountain – Laundry
Clock Tower
Archaeological Sites

Sierra Nevada National Park


Potaje de hinojos. Potaje de trigo pelado. Migas (Fried Breadcrumbs). Stew of Swiss chard. Fried rabbit. Tortilla de collejas.

Sweets: Gurullos. Merengues. Soplillos. Pan dormido. Pan de mosto.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería and take the road of Granada towards Huércal and Benahadux. Then you have to continue by the A-92A. Pass near Alhabia and continue until Alsodux.


Íllar 8,5 km
Terque 3,5 km
Almería 30 km
Alhabia 1,8 km
Rochuelos 30 km
Alhama de Almería 11 km
Santa Cruz de Marchena 2,5 km



Alsodux Town Hall

Hermanas Porras Square - Alsodux

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