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Castles in Málaga

Antequera – Arch of the Giants

Castles in Málaga

Arch of the Giants – Antequera

The Arch of the Giants (Arco de los Gigantes) is located in the Alcazaba, few meters from the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the St. Mary’s Roman Baths, in the historic center of the monumental town of Antequera.

The Hercules Gate opens into a wall more than two meters thick made of masonry, on which are placed Latin inscriptions relating both to Anticaria itself and to other Roman cities that existed in its vicinity (Singilia, Nescania, Osqua ,…) and four large tombstones with a dedication to King Felipe II.

The semicircular opening is made up of elongated sandstone voussoirs whose key is highlighted by placing a relief with a vase of lilies on it. This, together with the castle and the lion on the upper cornice, make up the city’s coat of arms, which is visible on the outside, open to the Plaza Alta or Plaza de la Feria.

On the cornice are the remains of a Roman sculpture of Hercules, who gave another of the names with which the Gate was designated, in addition to the Arch of the Giants, alluding to the large statues that were there. Over time, the complex has undergone several restructurings, removing and then replacing some of the attached elements at the time of its construction.

Arch of the Giants - Antequera - Hércules Gate

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