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Water Dams in Huelva

Aracena Dam

Water Dams in Huelva

Aracena Dam & Reservoir

Aracena Dam was built in 1969 on the bed of the Rivera de Huelva River, in the municipalities of Corteconcepción, Puerto Moral y Zufre, province of Huelva, in Andalusia, Spain.

Aracena is a gravity buttressses dam type  with straith plant, it has a height from foundations of 59,50 meters and a crest lenght of 612 meters.

Aracena Reservoir belong to the Cuenca Hidrografica del Guadalquivir (Guadalquivir River Basin) and has a capacity of 123 hm3. Its basin has a surface of 408 km2 and the reservoir surface is 954 hectares.Aracena Dam & Reservoir

Uses of Aracena Reservoir

– Ecological Flood
– Water Supplying
– Hydroelectric
– Fishing

Aracena, Natural Park Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche

Aracena and the mountain that bears its name are located in the heart of Natural Park Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche on the edge of National Road 433, Seville, Lisbon, at Kilometre 89.

The first known human settlements date from prehistoric times; there are archaeological remains at the Cueva de la Mora, (The Cave of Mora) in the Umbrian village dating from the megalithic times (III millennium BC). The mineral wealth of the area has led to various settlements, such as Castañuelo (the village of castanets) in which there are two different cultures, one belonging to the Bronze Age (second millennium BC) and another to the Iron Age (mid-I Millennium BC).

Aracena Dam & Reservoir

Aracena Dam & Reservoir

The Gruta de las Maravillas – Aracena

La Gruta de las Maravillas, known as the Grotto of the Marvels in English, is a cave system found in the small Spanish town of Aracena, located in the Province of Huelva in south-western Spain. This cave structure is just one of nature’s whims that continues to captivate the thousands of visitors that have passed through its galleries and rooms since it opened to the public in 1914.

Aracena has a wide tourist acclaim due to its history, its heritage, its gastronomy, its natural surroundings, its traditions and festivals, its hospitality and the list goes on, but none is more outstanding than the Grotto of the Marvels, symbol of the location. Read more…

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  1. Carmen escribio:

    Hola! Esta información no está bien.los pueblos en cuyo término municipal se encuentra el embalse son Corteconcepción, Puerto Moral y Zufre. Según tengo entendido,Corteconcepción es el municipio donde se encuentra la mayor parte de este pantano y aquí no aparece siquiera.


    • Domingo Marquez escribio:

      Donde no aparece Corteconcepción es en la situación de la presa.

  2. Antonio jordan gonzalez escribio:

    Quiero saber quien construyo la presa y con que materiales.

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