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Monuments in Sevilla

Arahal Church of San Roque

Monuments in Sevilla

Church of San Roque (ex San Roque Convent)


The San Roque Church is located in the San Roque Square, in the locality of Arahal, province of Sevilla.

This baroque church was built by the Franciscans and inaugurated on the 3rd of May 1624. The main altarpiece, also baroque in style, is attributed to Tomás Guiado el Viejo. In the central vaulted niche is an image of the Virgin of the Sorrows, from the end of the 17th century, by an unknown sculptor, but of exceptional beauty and expression. Inside the church there are several notable sculptures of saints, all also by unknown artists.

Inside what was the former monastery still stands the Domestic Chapel, where there appears an interesting allegorical painting of t he tree of life. It dates from 1723.

The church is also the canonic seat of the Hermandad del Santo Entierro (Brotherhood of the Holy Burial)

Iglesia de San Roque

arahal-iglesia-de-san-roque-portada arahal-iglesia-de-san-roque-campanario

Iglesia de San Roque en Arahal. Del primitivo convento se conservan restos del claustro, formado por una nave de bóvedas de aristas y arcos de medio punto, los patios, varias dependencias entre las que destaca la Sala Capitular, un espacio único del barroco en Arahal que se muestra presidido por un imponente lienzo alegórico sobre el

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