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Monuments in Málaga

Ardales Cave

Monuments in Málaga

Ardales Cave or Doña Trinidad Gründ Cave

The Ardales Cave or Doñoa Trinidad Gründ Cave is located at the Cerro de la Calinoria, in the Andalusian municipality of Ardales, province of Málaga.

This is a beautiful and natural huge cavity (more tham 1,500 meters long) which stores an extraordinary collection of pre-historical cave art from the Upper Paleolithic and the Epipaleolithic times. The oldest paintings and carvings are about 30.000 years old and the most recent ones are about 8.000 years old. More than one thousand motifs haved been listed and among the motifs that stand out are; the only collection of negative hands in Andalucía, the representations of fauna (97 animal shapes, especially plant eating animals) and dozen human female shapes. Moreover, in the cave can be seen the markings made by the explorers and remains of charnel houses containing the pre-historical human remains.

The Ardales Cave stands out for its geological beauty and its large caverns and galleries house many speleothems motifs (stalactites, stalagmites, water deposits, etc). The stable microclimate in the cave has made possible and ideal conservation of the pre historical remains.

Therefore, it is a cultural visit that rescues from the past, through the interpretation, the importance of the prehistory of Guadalteba. The visitor walks along 800 meters of galleries and discovers the different uses of the cavern by the hunter communities from the Paleolithic Period.

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