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Villages in Granada

Arenas del Rey

Villages in Granada

Arenas del Rey, Comarca Natural Region of Alhama

The municipality of Arenas del Rey can be found in the southwest quadrant of the province of Granada, part of the Administrative District of Loja, specifically in the Comarca Natural region of Alhama.

This is actually a sub- district of the ‘Depresion Granada’ that has some distinctive features; a small river which runs down the Genil valley, flowing into the river Cacin and the tributary of the river Alhama. The river rises in the mountains of Tejeda and Almijara whose slopes to the N and NE are the highest in the region.

The municipality of Arenas del Rey, during historic times has been closely linked, as has all of this area of Western Granada to Alhama de Granada and, like Alhama, has seen the times of the Roman Empire, a long period of Muslim rule, followed by the subsequent Christianisation after the wars of Granada and, as in the nineteenth century, the presence on their land by Napoleon’s troops during the War of Independence. The urban centre where the ancient town stood was destroyed by the earthquake of 1884,  according to data from the latter years of the nineteenth century, and  rebuilt by  contributions received from Spain and with the strong support of King Alfonso XII, and in his honor is called ‘Arenas del Rey’ (of the king).

In 1973 the three municipalities Fornes, Jatar and Arenas del Rey were merged into one.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish church, XIX century).

Archaeological Sites

Remains of an Iberian settlement in the Meseta of the Colonia.
Meseta de Fornes  (bronze and Visigoth). (plateau)

Town planning

Ermita.  (convent)
Fountain ( 19th century).

Arenas del Rey Gastronomy

The fields of Arenas del Rey provide good grain, beans, olives and almonds. Small game consists of rabbits, hares and partridges, all of which are cooked with almonds in a Moorish-style sauce. In Játar delicious cheeses are made by hand.


Exit Armilla direction Granada-Motril. Pass near Armilla and take the exit towards: Exit 139 – Otura-La Malati. Pass Otura , At the roundabout, take exit 1 Continue: A-385 . Around La Malahá , At the roundabout, take exit 3 Continue along: A-338 . Pass Agron. Turn left: GR-SO-28 and arrive in Arenas del Rey.


Padul 43 km
Dúrcal 51km
Armilla 43 km
Granada 47km
Ventas de Huelma 21km
Alhama de Granada 15 km
Moraleda de Zafayona 29 km

Arenas del Rey

Ermita de Arenas del Rey

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