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Villages in Jaen

Arroyo del Ojanco

Villages in Jaen

Arroyo del Ojanco, Sierra de Segura Region

Arroyo del Ojanco is a town of Jaén province (Spain), belonging to the Comarca de Sierra de Segura. According to the sources of INE, in 2006 it had 2.500 inhabitants.

It borders on Segura de la Sierra, Puente de Génave, Beas de Segura and Chiclana de Segura and is located as you enter Parque Natural de la Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas, and its township is crossed by the River Guadalimar.

Arroyo del Ojanco obtained the segregation of Beas de Segura and its constitution as an independent town January, 24th 2001, after a long judicial trial.

Arroyo del Ojanco Monuments

“El Olivo de Fuentebuena”. It was declared national monument by UNESCO and registered in the Guinness World Records, this wonder of the nature will not stop charming the visitors with its magnitude and trunk that cannot be embraced by four people.

Arroyo del Ojanco Gastronomy

– TYPICAL DISHES: Migas de harina (flour, olive oil, and salt with salty sardines, fried rasher of bacon, fried dried peppers, cucumber, fruits, chorizos…)
Migas de pan (The same as the Flour ones but using bread of the previous days)
Ajo de Harina with olive oil, salt and paprika)
Gachamiga (Flour, olive oil and salt. It is cooked like “migas de Harina” but without break the dough)
Andrajos (Potato, flour, olive oil, garlic, onion, pepper, salt and paprika)
Ajopringue (Liver of duck, breadcrumb, streaky bacon, olive oil, paprika, garlic, parsley, clove, cinnamon, paprika and salt.
Ajoatao (Egg, boiled potato, olive oil, garlic, lemon and salt)
Pipirrana (Ripe tomatoes, garlic, green pepper, boiled yolk of egg, breadcrumbs, salt and olive oil. The dish can go with hard-boiled eggs, tuna or strips of cod)
Galianos (Gazpachos).

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue through the road J-14 and then in the Motorway A-316 towards Mancha Real – Baeza – Úbeda. Take the crossing of Puente Nuevo. Cross Baeza and continue through the Motorway A-316. Take the crossing Úbeda. In the roundabout take the exit 3 and continue through the Motorway A-301. Turn right N-322. Take the crossings of El Campillo and Villacarrillo. Then you get Arroyo del Ojanco.

Distances from Arroyo del Ojanco

Jaén 120 km
Siles 35 km
Orcera 25 km
Hornos 37 km
El Moralico 25 km
Beas de Segura 13 km
Puente de Génave 9 km
La Puerta de Segura 17 km
Santisteban del Puerto 34 km
Casicas del Río Segura 71 km
Villanueva del Arzobispo 22 km

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