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Estepona Monuments, Watchtowers Málaga

Arroyo Vaquero Watchtower

Estepona Monuments, Watchtowers Málaga

Arroyo Vaquero Watchtower, Estepona

Arroyo Vaquero Watchtower is located in the Andalusian municipality of Estepona, in Bahía Dorada, province of Málaga.

It is located on a mound next to the sea that watches over a large stretch of beach. It is located 200 meters from the mouth of the Arroyo Vaquero and a few meters from the beach, in the Bahía Dorada Urbanization, in a somewhat elevated area next to the beach within the Bahía Dorada urbanization and protected by a garden area.

These lands, continuously harassed from the sea, should only have been dedicated to cattle grazing, of which there are numerous references that should have originated the denomination of the Aguada stream and this tower.

It is a solid frustoconical tower up to the door, to provide solidity. On a solid base the inner chamber was built, preserved, opening an entrance on the north side about 7 meters from the ground. This chamber would have another hole on the south side, with the chimney and stairs leading to the roof located inside. The latter was protected with a parapet where remains of its machicolations located on the axes can be seen (the smoke outlet would also be located). Its factory is masonry, using brick in exterior and interior elements. Presents exterior plaster.

Its base has a perimeter of 26.60 meters and a diameter of 8.45 meters; the roof terrace is 5.95; total height 13 meters; entrance at 7.60. Its escarpment is 1.25 meters, which represents a 9.65% slope. It is a red stone masonry factory with bricks in the upper area; It had surveillance machicolations on the axes of the roof, one of which is preserved.

Before its restoration in 1987, some huts were attached to it, built with stones and bricks torn from the tower itself (Temboury Álvarez, 1975: 61-62). Read more…

Arroyo Vaquero Watchtower, Estepona

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