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Watchtowers Málaga

Atalaya Watchtower

Watchtowers Málaga

Atalaya Watchtower – La Viñuela

The Atalaya Watchtower is located in the municipality of La Viñuela, near La Viñuela Dam & Reservoir, province of Málaga.

You can access the Atalaya Watchtower from the hamlet of Los Romanes, by the tops of the hills that delimit the municipal area. From Los Romanes there are approximately 5.5 km to the tower.

The Atalaya Watchtower was part of the communication system between the coast and the Zalia Castle in the municipality of Alcaucín.

The Atalaya Tower dates from the 15th century. It is a beacon tower of Arab construction to defend the lands of Zalia from possible invasions fo the coast. The tower is built with slate rocks forming circular roofs with lime mortar. It conserves a bracket of the machicolation that defends a door located to about 6.5 meters of height, with jambs of bricks and lintel of a stone, hiding the half destroyed vault of bricks.

It is about 9.5 meters high and according to tradition it was built in one night with materials provide from the surroundings and water from the Guaro river, served as communjication from other watchtowers along the coast and the Castle of Zalia.

This tower had its partner in the Agudo Hill, which today is destroyed; they pointed to the boundary of Velez´s territory. The watchtower stopped doing its surveillance duties when in 1485 the Christian troops take Zalia.

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