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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada


The town of Atarfe is situated to the northwest of the city of Granada, just11 km from the provincial capital.

It is bounded to the north by the municipalities of Albolote, Colomera and Moclín, to the east by Maracena and Granada , with Pinos Puente to the west and to the south Santa Fe. The town lies at the foot of the Vega of Granada.

Its name comes from the Arabic ar-Tarf, meaning ‘the limit.’

The relics found around and in the town are thought to date back to the era of Ilíberis. From ancient times the medicinal properties of the Baths of Sierra Elvira have been recognized, these being sulphated waters flowing from underground hot springs at a constant 30 degrees Celsius.

Its history is and has been closely linked to Granada, which is nearby. Today the main industry of Atarfe is industry, commerce and services to and for Granada.
In 1972 Atarfe was joined with the municipality Caparacena.

Atarfe Monuments

Iglesia parroquial de la Incarnacion (Parish Church of the Incarnation, 1633, Ambrose Vico).

Capilla San Antonio (Chapel.)

Ermita de Santa Ana (convent)

Archaeological Sites

Archaeological Site of Madinat Ilbira

Atarfe Gastronomy

Almond soup. Meatball soup. Bean casserole. Bean Tortilla. Spinach tortilla. Ham with sauce. Chicken ‘Granada’. Rabbit, cooked to a local recipe.

For dessert, delicious custard-filled twists “(to fry you need pastry from last year,  made with flour and stored in cloth sack), the ‘Huevos Baillando’ (made from eggs) “, Las Flores, or Gachas en Remolacha, made with sugar beet Porridge (formerly very popular) which needs no added sugar as this is produced by the beets.


The best way to get to Atarfe from Granada is the N-432. Approximate journey time is about 15 minutes; it can also be reached by motorway A-92 or by secondary roads to Santa Fe and Alborg.

Distances from Atarfe

Purchil 10 km
Granada 11 km
Albolote 3.5 km
Maracena 7 km
Santa Fe 6.5 km
Chauchina 11 km
Pinos Puente 7.5 km
Fuente Vaqueros 9.5 km

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