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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


Aznalcóllar is located in the transition area between the region of Aljarafe and the Sierra Norte, in the far western province of Sevilla, being adjacent to Huelva. In 1996 it had a population of 5,812 inhabitants.

The town of Aznalcóllar is located in the old road from Sevilla to Río Tinto moved on a lot of topography. To the north surrounding the stream channel Cañaverosa and, further, a mountain range which include the Cerro Viento (northeast) the Mesa Grande (northwest) and the Cerro del Castillo (north).

During the Roman domination it was of great importance, mainly due to the exploitation of pyrite mines found in the area. This is evident by the discovery of Roman remains exist, where the most important are those of the aqueduct that would Italica, which reappears in the area called “El Chaparral” and “owners.”

Aznalcóllar Monuments

Aznalcollar Castle
Chapel of La Cruz de Abajo
Church Ntra. Sra. de Consolación
Chapel of La Cruz de Arriba
El Molino de Viento

Aznalcóllar Gastronomy

In the cuisine of the municipality we can highlight dishes such as pumpkin stew, stew colorao, potatoes in walk, the thistles, asparagus and game meat.
As for the pastry in Aznalcóllar we can mention the bores, the sugared French toast and the Piñonate.

How to get there

You have to exit Sevilla towards airport, Mérida, Córdoba. Take E-803 / A-66 / SE-30, then N-630, alleyway of Caas, turn left SE-520, cross Gerena, continue on A-477, then you get to the town.


Sevilla 37 km
Gerena 12 km
Huelva 77 km
El Campillo 7,5 km
Sanlucar la Mayor 20 km

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