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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Bacares, Sierra de los Filabres de Almería

Bacares is located in La Sierra de los Filabres, at the foot of El Observatorio de Calar Alto, in a rugged landscape with a great beauty, in which the town fit perfectly, making up an original and beautiful group.

We can observe that all things in Bacares is impressive: its location, under three peaks among the highest in the mountain range; its own height, to more than 1.200 metres; the three rivers that go down until the surrounding area of the town to join and form the River of Bacares that falls until El Almanzora; the deep valleys that we can observe around it. Bacares has an impressive nature.

But its history is also very important, with Phoenician and Tartessus origin bound to the mining industry, a mining industry over which was raised in the Spain of Al Andalus an important smelting industry that supplied weapons and tools to the Arabian Spain and, later, to the ironwork to the cathedral of Almería and the most important constructions of the capital.

And impressive is the town itself, under the greenness that rises towards the summits and with an important development in the last years. Bacares is a beautiful town full of details, the main one is the castle in ruins, of Berber origin and, therefore, a castle whose most significant part have to be kept.

You can observe slate eaves in the roofs and floors, outsides built with stone wisely laid and mortar with solid land, native structure based on the respect to the climate and nature, making up a solid association of elements that are still valid.

The church marks a break with tradition that dates from the beginning of the XVI century, that was restored at the end of the same century after the burning by the Moriscos, and that has a beautiful Mudejar coffered ceiling. The church, El Cristo del Bosque, is annual centre of pilgrimage every 14st September in one of the most important processions of the province.

Bacares, like all the towns in the region, the leisure time and rural tourism should be an important thing to the reconstruction of a future that the history of the town deserves and the present of the town needs. Nowadays Bacares is an alive town with wide squares, a swimming pool, pelota court, a big restaurant and many bars.

Bacares Monuments

Bacares Castle
Archaeological Sites
Fuente de San Juan
Calvario (Stations of the Cross)
Church of El Santo Cristo del Bosque


Cold meat. Stew of pumpkins. Wheat stew. Cod stew. Fish stock with noodles. Gurullos de conejo. Pelotas de maíz. Partidge. Jormigones. Kid with garlic.

Sweets: Alfajores de almendras (Sweet biscuits with filling). Tuna/Meat pasty. Cuajao de almendras.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería, take the road of Granada and cross Huércal de Almería. Then continue in A-92A. Alleyway of Benahadux. In the roundabout, take the la salida 3 and continue in A-92, take the exit towards Salida 362 – Gérgal Este – Olula de Castro – Bacares – Las Menas – Serón – A-339. In the area around Gérgal, in the roundabout, take the salida 1 and continue in A-339, follow the signs until you get Bacares.

Distances from Bacares

Suflí 27 km
Serón 21 km
Tíjola 17 km
Almería 72 km
Purchena 26 km
Doña María Ocaña 54 km
Alhama de Almería 69 km

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