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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The town of Badolatosa is located on the east of Sevilla, in the neighbourhood of Estepa and at a height of 235 metres. Bordering by Genil river (Cordobilla DamMalpasillo Dam ) with Cordovan lands, it is 130 kilometres from Sevilla and because of this distance it is the most distant town of the metropolis, more distant than La Roda de Andalucía (122,6 kilometres), Casariche (121,8 Kms) y Herrera (120 Kms).

In 1.996 it had 3.173 inhabitants; most of them are located in the city centre, while the rest is distributed between the county houses of Burraco and Huertas de la Manga and the village of Corcoya.

The origin of this village seems to come from the roman age, where it was named Latus, which means “wide ford”, and it was located in the neighbourhood of Estepa. Later it was a farmhouse that belonged to the Steppe marquisate with the name of Vado, till the abolition of the manors.

Badolatosa Monuments

Hermitage Ntra. Sra. de la Fuensanta
Church Ntra. Sra. del Socorro

Badolatosa Gastronomy

Gazpachuelo (fish soup, garlic, olive oil). Migas (Crumbs). Oatmeal porridges. Gazpacho (cold soup made from tomatoes, peppers…). Pringá (roast beef or pork, cured sausages and beef or pork fat). Porra algamiteña (fritter). Meat in its sauce. Slaughter meat.

Badolatosa How to get there

Leave Sevilla, then take A-92 towards Antequera, pass near Alcalá de Guadaíra, take the exit towards La Puebla de Cazalla, then turn left. In La Puebla de Cazalla take SE-451, then take SE-452, and take A-92. Pass near Osuna, take the exit towards El Rubio, Aguadulce. Take SE-727, then cross Aguadulce, take A-92 with the exit to Estepa-Marinaleda-Matarredonda. In Estepa take the Avda. Andalucía, then take A-92 and take the exit towards to Casariche. Cross Casariche and take SE-752 for 7 km and continue up Badolatosa


Rute 39 km
Sevilla 133 km
Lucena 27 km
Estepa 21 km
Corcoya 6 km
Baena 60 km
Aguilar 34 km
Córdoba 82 km
Puente Genil 21 km

Badolatosa Town Hall

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