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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria


The municipality of Balanegra, belonging to the Comarca del Poniente, is located on the eastern coast, at the foot of Sierra Alhamilla at its inflection towards the coast (loma de las Pedrizas del Pardo), an old “alcor” where one shelters, in the Almeria province.

Balanegra limits to the west with Adra, very close to the lagoons, and to the east with Balerma.

Balanegra History

On June 2, 2015, the Junta de Andalucía approved the creation of the Municipality of Balanegra.

Balanegra its origin in a small fishery located on its beach and belonged to the Berja taha, favored by the tiny trickle of water that came down from the Barranco Malo. This settlement was not continuous -illustrated by the historian Sánchez Ramos- given that the pirate raids from North Africa prevented it. To avoid this precarious situation, the Nasrid kings of Granada built a cylindrical masonry tower that is still preserved today, although in a precarious state. After its incorporation to Castile, the tower continued to carry out its defensive work. From now on, the territory was inhabited only by the keeper and some Balerma jábegas that fished their fishing grounds.

After the peace of the Alpujarras and the subsequent repopulation, the 2 km. From the coastal strip they passed to the common of Berja as compensation for the loss of the rest of the Taha coastline, ceded by Felipe II to the town of Adra. Since then, the Alhamilla tower has been the milestone between the two municipalities.

At the beginning of the s. In the 17th century, neighboring residents (Balerma, Adra, Berja and Benejí) created small farms (pardo farmhouses, Corrales, etc.) sheltered by the water of the Malo, de la Cruz and Los Infantes ravines. These first settlements gave rise to others in the 19th century, such as Balsa Nueva. The spectacular development of Balanegra during the decade of the 1970s promoted a demanding neighborhood movement that culminated in April 1987 with its constitution as a Minor Local Entity, dependent on Berja.

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