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Villages in Granada

Beas de Guadix

Villages in Granada

Beas de Guadix

Beas de Guadix is to be found on the banks of the river Alhama, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, from where ran the old Roman road that linked Guadix to Granada through La Peza.

The municipality limits with Marchal, Guadix, Lugros, Polícar and Cortes y Graena.

In this small town you can enjoy nature at its best. It is surrounded by extensive pine forests and has many viewpoints, highlighting what is known locally as ”worlds end”, with the Sierra Nevadas and the “badlands” as backdrops.

The name “Beas” is to be found in many places, meaning route or path.

During the Middle Ages Beas de Guadux was a very important town, as it was close to the  road, (which existed during Roman times), linking Guadix (ACCI) to Granada (Iliberis).

During the Muslim era Christian captives, taken in the frequent raids to the north, were kept in Beas, which then became known as Beas de los Cautivos (Beas of the Captives). At that time the villages of Policar and Lugros came under the jurisdiction of Beas.

Beas de Guadix Monuments

Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Senora de la Paz ( Parish Church of Our Lady of Peace) (XVI century, Mudejar, Baroque altarpiece).

Town planning

Cave houses.
Small town with little modern construction.

Beas de Guadix Gastronomy

Because of its proximity to the river Alhama, the people of Beas de Guadix have many orchards, especially peaches, also vineyards, olive trees and cereal crops. The typical dishes include chicken with rice, migas pastoreras or broth with paprika.
Embutidos (Sausages – relleno, salchichon, chorizo, morcilla). Tortas de Pringue (Dripping cakes.) Grilled lamb.

Sweets: Egg Donuts.


Leave Granada. At the roundabout, take exit 2 Continue along: E-902 / A-44 direction: Armilla – Motril. Pass near Maracena and Peligros. Follow directions Almería – Murcia. Pass Albolote, go to: A-92. Pass near Lopera. Take the exit towards: Exit 288 – Purullena – Cortes and Graena – Beas de Guadix – Troglodyte City – Ceramic Art centre.  Follow signs towards Purullena. Pass Purullena and continue to Beas de Guadix.

Distances from Beas de Guadix

Policar 4.5 km
La Peza 14 km
Lugros 9.5 km
Esfiliana 16 km
Granada 53 km
El Bejarín 7.5 km
Belerda de Guadix 19 km
Benalúa de Guadix 9.5 km

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