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Villages in Jaen


Villages in Jaen

Begijar – La Loma & Las Villas Region

Begijar belongs to the region of La Loma and Las Villas that is located in the western slope of La Loma, reaching its municipal district to the River Guadalquivir. The municipality limits with Baeza, Torreblascopedro, Lupión e Ibros.

It is a farming village where we only can observe the presence of forest arboreal species in the bank of the river. The principal growing is the olive grove, complemented with the cultivated fields of the fertile lowland in the River Guadalquivir, where there is industrial irrigation growing. The oil mil industry and the slaughterhouse of the Estación de Begíjar are the most important industrial activities.

Begíjar was founded in 642, in a place called Piedrahincada.

During Al-Andalus Period, the population moved to the present location because of safety reasons, for this, it was used an old fortress from the Visigoth period that was tightened and extended.

The Christian Conquest was carried out by Fernando III in 1244 and ceded to the bishopric of Jaén. Its palace, built with the materials obtained from the demolition of two towers of the castle, has been for a long time the rest mansion to the bishop of the diocese.

Begíjar will get its Independence from Baeza in the last third of XVIII century.

Begijar Monuments

Parish Church of Santiago Apostol
Tower of the Castle
Episcopal Palace
Town Hall
Street of Pitos y Las Aguas

Begíjar Gastronomy

Beans with mint, bread rolls of chickpeas.

Rice with rabbit. Stew (pancake made with vegetables, pine-nuts and sesame). Meat pies Viernes. Artichokes with rolls. Pipirrana (a salad with onion, tomato and cucumber), fried breads, guiñapos, papajotes, albarronchos.

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue by the road J-14 and then take the Motorway A-316 towards Mancha Real – Baeza – Úbeda. Alleyway Puente Nuevo and turn left JV-3043 then you get Begíjar.

Distances from Begíjar

Jaén 49 km
Ibros 6 km
Lupión 2 km
Baeza 7,5 km
Linares 24 km
Mengíbar 39 km
Campillo del Río 19 km
Vados de Torralba 16 km
Torreblascopedro 12 km
Puente del Obispo 6 km

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