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Water Dams in Almeria

Belen Gato Dam and Reservoir

Water Dams in Almeria

Belen Gato Dam and Reservoir – Almeria

Belen Gato Dam was built in 1991 on the bed of the Rambla de Belen, municipality of Almeria, Andalusia, Spain.

Belen Gato is a compacted concrete dam with a height from foundations of 34 meters and a crest lenght of 157 meters.

The Reservoir belong to the Cuenca Mediterranea Andaluza (Mediterranea Andaluza Basin) and has a capacity of 0,250 hm3.

Uses of  the Dam

Defense against floods

Belen Gato Dam and Reservoir – Almería - Andalusia - Spain



Almería is located in the bay with its name, it is a bright town, whose origin goes back to distant times. We can observe its important Alcazaba (Citadel), with irregular floor, from its adarves (round paths) there is an exceptional outlook of the town and the port. At the foot of the Alcazaba you can visit the most typical neighbourhood: La Chanca with its polychrome and picturesque houses.

Almería is a town that lives face to the sea, from there that the port is part of it, in its appearance and daily life. In the port we can observe the old mineral jetty, known like ” El Cable”.

In the centre, the Cathedral, built by way of fortress in order to protect it from the pirates and its greater interest is located inside it.

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