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Water Dams in Córdoba

Bembezar Dam

Water Dams in Córdoba

Bembezar Dam & Reservoir – Hornachuelos

The Bembezar Dam is located in the bed of the river Bembezar, its reservoir is part of Hornachuelos and Espiel municipalities in the andalusian province of Cordoba, in the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park.

The most important tributaries of the Bembezar Reservoir are the Nevalo and Benajarafe and the streams of the Baja, Guazalema, Pajaron and Calderas.

There is a breathtaking scenary around this reservoir, predominant the deep valleys, steep slopes scarce usable soil for human activity, wich has preserved the vegetation (strawberry trees, oaks, cork oaks and scrubland) and the typical fauna in this area (eagles, bobcats, genets, boar, deer, etc).

The Bembezar Reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir (area of Cordoba) and started its operation in 1962. Its construction began in 1953.

As for the technical details of this reservoir we can say that has an area n.m.n of 1.232 hectares and a capacity n.m.n of 342,1 hm3.

Bembezar Dam & Reservoir - HornachuelosGravity dam with curved plan, has a height above the bed  of 92 m, a coronation lenght of 276,81 m and a dam volume of 504.097 m3. His crown height is 185 m.

Regarding its basin has an area of 1655 km2 with an average rainfall of 729 l/m2 and and average annual contribution: 204 hm3.

With the construction of the Bembeza Dam were expropriated 1164 hectares and the flooding of several homes took place. Several secondary roads were also affected by the construction of the dam.


Bembezar Dam was built with thesse objetives:

– Irrigations

– Supply

– Ecological

– Electricity

– Fisheries – Navigation

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