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Monuments in Sevilla

Benacazón, Church of Santa María de las Nieves

Monuments in Sevilla

Church of Santa María de las Nieves – Benacazón

The Church of Santa Maria de las Nieves is located in Street Real, in the andalusian town of Benacazón, Sevilla province.

Originally mudejar temple which has undergone several transformations, although it keeps the original head popularly known as Torre Mocha, one of the most outstanding examples of Seville mudejar architecture, in the typology of main chapels covered by cloister vaults. It is a prismatic construction with a rectangular ground plant with a sixteen sides vault which leans on four angular pendentives and eight secondary pendentives. The stairs giving access to the roof are quite singular, inlaid in the walls on the north and west sides. These stairs, the existence of an access to the terrace, and the ending in battlements reinforce their temporary defensive character.

The nave keeps its mudejar structure, although the walls ornamentation and the cover with bow motifs are not medieval but subsequent in time. In the 17th century the Chapel of Sagrario (side chapel) was added, juxtaposed to the presbytery and after the earthquake in 1755 important improvement works were carried out, among them a new nave on the Epistle side, the tower, the front and the lady chapel.

Church of Santa María de las Nieves

Church of Santa María de las Nieves

Benacazón Town Hall

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