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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


The village of Benadalid is situated in the middle of the Genal Valley, a part of the Serrania de Ronda, in a landscape of olive groves, chestnut and oak trees. The natural environment surrounding the village is formed by a mountain range between the Tajo de los Aviones, the Tajo de la Cruz, and Monte del Cuco, with peaks of over 1,000 metres in height.

Geographical Location of Benadalid

Benadalid is in the Valle del Genal (comarca de Ronda ), 24 km from the Ciudad del Tajo (Ronda) and 136km from the capital of the province. The town is 690 metres above sea level, the average annual rainfall exceeds 1170 l/m2 and the average temperature is 14.6 º C.

The founding of Benadalid corresponds to the Berber tribe Banu Khalid, which was derived from the Ben-Addala – sons of Khalid that would give rise to the current name of the village. In this sense, the history of the village would parallel that of the neighbouring Benalauría, also founded under similar conditions by another Berber tribe a few years after the incursion of the Arabs into the Peninsula.

Benadalid, capital of the comarca (region) called Ta Kurnna, was part of territory controlled by the legendary strongman Omar Ben Hafsun, who led the uprising of the Moors of the Sierrania and other areas of the Caliphate of Córdoba. Once the rebels were defeated, the town passed under the control of the kingdom of Granada, and due to its strategic location at the gateway to the region of the Sierra through the area, served as a border between the kingdoms of Granada and Seville, from 1286 until it was conquered by the Marquis of Cadiz in 1485, and was incorporated into the Kingdom of Castile.


Castle (Moorish Castle of Benadalid)
San Isidro Parish Church
Cruz Humilladero
Candelaria Chapel

Fountains and Springs

Benadalid Gastronomy

Typical dishes of the municipality of Benadalid are fennel with vegetables, “malcocinao” vegetable-based soup, vinegar soup, hot gazpacho and Moorish stew. There are also typical dishes of Semana Santa (Holy Week.)
Pastry: borrachuelos, rice with milk, cañas and honey.


The two main ways to access Benadalid from the Costa del Sol are based on the autovia AP-7 or the old N-340. Either can be used, leaving San Pedro de Alcántara, A-376 direction Ronda, and before coming to the town, turn onto the A-369 towards Benadalid, after having passed Atajate . Also by the AP-7 or N-340, in this case from Manilva, go by the A-377 towards Ronda, which leads to Benadalid after passing Gaucín and Algatocín .

Distances from the locality

Ronda 24 km
Gaucín 13 km
Málaga 136 km
Estepona 54 km
Cortes de la Frontera  20 km

Benadalid 21/05/2018

San Isidoro Parish Church - Benadalid 21/05/2018

San Isidoro Parish Church Bell Tower - Benadalid 21/05/2018

Beni Al Jalid Square - Ayuntamiento de Benadalid

Beni Al Jalid Square

Culture House - Benadalid



The Crosses

The place known as Las Cruces is this small dais in worked stone, the inscription of which allows us to date it to 1776. In the central part there would have been a wooden cross, to which was later added a stone plaque in memory of the victims of the winning side in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). Both parts were removed when democracy returned to Spain. Everything points to its original purpose having been as part of a via crucis, or Way Of The Cross. The via crucis, for Christians, symbolizes the fifteen stations of Calvary that Jesus passed from his arrest to his resurrection.

The Crosses - Benadalid

Benadalid Town Hall

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