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Watchtowers Málaga

Benagalbon Watchtower

Watchtowers Málaga

Benagalbon Watchtower – Rincón de la Victoria

The Benagalbon Watchtower is located in C/ Almenara (street), a few meters from the N-340 and the Virgen del Carmen Promenade, in the municipality of Rincon de la Victoria, province of Málaga.

The tower is easily accessible from the N-340.

Of Christian era, the Benagalbon Watchtower had a defensive character. Although not know with certainty, the construction of the Tower of Benagalbon could be dated between centuries XVI and XVII.

The Benagalbon tower has a frustoconical shape, an approximate perimeter of 23 meters and a height of 10 meters. The tower has a massive lower body on wich stands the surveillance camera, whose entrance is located about six meters from the ground an on the east side. Also this cabin presents / displays two other holes in the north and south sides. Through an internal staircase you access the roof whose guardrail is quite deteriorated. It preserves some elements of its matacanes. Intenally it would present a chimney with its corresponding smoke outlet on the roof.

Its factory is of masonry, of limestone alternated with rows of slate to blight that later is revoked. Brck is used in the exterior openings, cornices, interior vault, among other elements.

Benagalbon Watchtower - Rincón de la Victoria

Benagalbon Watchtower - Rincón de la Victoria

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