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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Benalauría is located in the Genal Valley (a village that belongs to the Serranía of Ronda). The inner city is located 670 metres above sea level, the annual average rainfall is.170 l/m2 and the mean temperature is 15º C

Benalauría spreads its lands from the Genal Valley towards Guadiaro Valley, immersed in Serranía de Ronda, producing a very varied and hilly landscape with cork trees, gall-oaks and chestnuts, which are set like town-planning jewels the white villages of Valle del Genal. Benalauría has in its streets the memory of the Arab andalusí tradition, the narrow, steep and winding streets and the Windows adorned with forge and flowers.

During Prehistory it was a place of passing from the coasts of the Estrecho de Gibraltar towards the interior.

About the Ancient History there are texts that allude to the river Criso (gold) = wadi-aro. In a word, the remains found in the slope Guadiaro (columbarium and road Vesci-Arunda) are Romans whereas in the slope of Genal existed the Roman road called Lacipo-Arunda.

In 1492 it was celebrated a trial against rebellious Mudejars (Moslems permitted to live under Christian rule).

In 1494 it belonged to the Manor de Benadalid, property of Duque de Feria. Later it belonged to Duque de Medinacelli.

In 1501, took place a mudéjar disturbance that reduced the population from 45 to 28 inhabitants.

In 1568 there was a Moorish disturbance.

We can find Depopulation in Benamahabu (between Algatocín and Benalauría, nowadays completely disappeared).

In XVIII century there was a Cross of calvary (nowadays it has disappeared). The church was restored and some mills, the Town Hall, the Granary and the Square were built.

In 1820 the judicial parties were created (Benalauría belongs to Gaucín).

In 1950 Benalauría had 1239 inhabitants.

Public Festivities in Benalauría

The festival of Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) maybe is the most popular of Benalauría. It is celebrated every year the first Sunday of August in Saint Domingo de Guzmán’s honour.

The festival is based on the historic events which took place in the Sierra, during the conquest age, the inhabitants are divided into two sides and, masqueraded, starts the performance.

This popular theatre sets in the Llano de la Fuente where took place the battle.

The inhabitants and visitors, who that day was found without a fancy dress, should pay a ransom, receiving in return his glass of brandy.

How to get there

The route to get Benalauría starts in the Motorway A-7 or the former N-340, in the western area of Costa del Sol. From San Pedro de Alcántara you have to take the Motorway A-376 towards Ronda, and from that city you access to A-369, when you have passed Benadalid, you arrive to Benalauría through the swerve of MA-535. If you depart from Manilva you have to take A-377, and when you leave behind Algatocín, get into MA-535, which finishes in Benalauría.
Benalauría Monuments
Town Hall (Casa Consistorial)
Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán
The Roman Columbarium of the Cortijo del Moro

Fountains & Springs

The Vultures Canyon

Benalauría Gastronomy

Tomatoes Soup
Stew of fennels with chickpeas
Gazpacho (Andalusian cold soup)
Chacinas (Loin) from the pork
Flat Cakes of Pastry


Ronda 27 km
Gaucín 12 km
Málaga 139 km
Estepona 53 km
Cortes de la Frontera 19 km



Capilla de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción de Benalauría en Siete Pilas 5/2/2012

Los Mandaítos

“Dónde vas mi buen Jesús,
cargaíto y con cadenas.
Voy en busca del Calvario
donde la muerte me espera”.

Los Mandaítos

Banalauría Town Hall

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