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Monuments in Cádiz

Benamahoma – San Antonio de Padua Church

Monuments in Cádiz

Benamahoma – San Antonio de Padua Church

The San Antonio de Padua Church is located in C/ San Antonio (street), Benamahoma.

Religious monument, it is a very small and simple church which centralizes the oficial religiosity in Benamahoma. It is characteristically joined to the Bullring, having annexed to it one part of the sections and the open-air theatre.

It is organized as a basilica with a rectangular ground plan in one single nave. On the right we find a small sacristy and a circular altar at the back with a small vault which is connected to the parish house by means of a little door on its left side.

The most interesting thing is the image of Saint Anthony of Padua, of whom this parish church takes its name and to whom all of the people in town profess a great devotion, becoming the religious centre of the festival of Moors and Christians, which is celebrated for two days during the first week of August.

Nevertheless this is not the religious image which goes on pilgrimage during this festivity, but another image of the same Saint who has his own chapel, known as “El Castillito”, (the little castle) located in Calle Real and that people take to the Church, where it is prepared before the celebration, in order to take it along the streets in Benamahoma.

On good Friday the Christ and the Virgin of Dolores come out of the church, and on Resurrection Sunday the Sacred Heart of Jesus does.

Benamahoma - San Antonio de Padua Church

San Antonio de Padua Church - Benamahoma

San Antonio de Padua Church - Benamahoma El Castillito Chapel - Benamahoma

Virgen de los Dolores benamahoma-iglesia-de-san-antonio-de-padua-cristo

San Antonio de Padua Chapel - Patrón de Benamahoma - El Castillito

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