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Villages in Córdoba


Villages in Córdoba

Benamejí – Comarca de la Subbética Cordobesa

Benamejí is located to the southwest of Córdoba, in the boundary with Málaga, within the Comarca de la Subbética, the Campiña Alta and the plains of Antequera, where it starts the Surco Intrabético.

It has an area of 54 km2, being part of the village of El Tejar and with a population of 4,800 inhabitants.

The name derives from Bani Bashir and the population is of Arab origin. The fortress was conquered by Ferdinand III.

In 1254 Alfonso X the handing to Pelayo Pérez, Master of the Cavalry of Santiago to the protection of the Moorish attacks.

In 1333 it returns to be conquered from the hands of the king of Granada. In 1362 King Pedro the Cruel will conquest it once and for all.

In 1529 Carlos I will obtain papal permission to dismember these lands belonging to Military Orders. And in 1548, Diego Bermúdez buys the inheriting of Benamejí populating and making it village. Carlos II will grant to the Lords of Bermuy the title of Marquis of Benamejí.

Benamejí Monuments

Medieval Bridge
Gomez Arias Castle
San Sebastian Chapel
Inmaculada Concepcion Parish Church

Benamejí Archaeological Sites

Sites of El Hacho, Bronze Age.

Benamejí Gastronomy

Cold meats, we have to emphasize especially the chorizo de campiña. Gazpacho. Remojón (made with orange, cod, hard-boiled egg, onion and olive oil). Potaje de invierno (with chickpeas and spinach).

Sweets: Pestiños de azúcar y canela. Roscos de vino. Roscas de San Blas. Hornazos de San Marcos. We cannot forget its delicious melon.

How to get there

You have to exit Córdoba. Continue in: Carretera de Cádiz, Avenida de Cádiz towards: E-5, A-4, Sevilla – Málaga. At the roundabout, take the salida 3 and continue along: E-5 / A-4 towards: Sevilla – Málaga. Follow towards: Salida 408 – Málaga. Continue along: A-45. Take the exit towards: N-331. At the roundabout, take the salida 3 and continue: N-331 towards: Fernán Núñez – Montemayor. Cross Fernán Núñez. Alleyway of Montemayor and Montilla. You have to get Aguilar de la Frontera. Alleyway of Aguilar. Then turn right: CP-101. Cross Moriles and continue along: A-3132. Turn left: A-3228. And then you get Benamejí.

Distances from Benamejí

Rute 21 km
Lucena 22 km
Córdoba 84 km
Badalatosa 18 km
Carcabuey 43 km
Puente Genil 35 km
Encinas Reales 5,5 km
Priego de Córdoba 48 km

Constitution Square Benameji

La Grieta - Benameji

Caños Fountain

Caños Fountain - Benameji

Dehesilla Fountain

Dehesilla Fountain

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