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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Benamocarra is situated just 5 km from Vélez Málaga and 42 from the capital of the province and is in the interior of the comarca (region) of Axarquia. The urban centre is 125 metres above sea level, the average rainfall is 560 l/m2 and the average temperature is approximately 18 ° C.

Benamocarra History

The municipality is of Arab origin, as its name, hijos de Mukarran suggests, and was noted in files in the Ayuntamiento, now lost. When the city of Velez was conquered by Ferdinand el Catolico, Benamocarra surrendered, as did the other towns and villages of the region. At the time of the rebellion of the Moors in 1568, the town had 115 residents, 87 of them being Muslim and others old Christians. This policy of coexistence was practiced a lot especially in horticultural areas, given the vast knowledge of cultivation known and used by the Arabs.


Iglesia de Santa Ana (Church of Santa Ana)
Plaza del Calvario (Square)
Monolith in tribute to Eduardo Ocon

Benamocarra Gastronomy

Typical of the cuisine of the municipality are fried sausage, avocado salad and gazpachuelo.
Especially in winter typical dishes are sopas de maimones, migas with bread, gazpacho frito at Christmas, tortillas de bacalao (cod) at Easter, casseroles, tomato soup and cabbage “Moreas.”
In summer the most typical dish is garlic soup.


Wine donuts, donuts with anise and “pirulines” at Christmas. Muscatel wine and grapes “aguardiente” (a brandy liqueur).


Benamocarra can be accessed, from the Costa del Sol, by the autovia Mediterraneo (A-7, N-340), which, above Velez Malaga, connects with the A-335. From this road, take the MA-135, which goes directly to the town.

Distances from Benamocarra

Malaga 42 km
Nerja 29 km
Almáchar 10 km
Granada 132 km
Marbella 103 km



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