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Monuments in Cádiz

Benaocaz – Tejar Fountain

Monuments in Cádiz

Benaocaz – Tejar Fountain

The Tejar Fountain is located next to the well known Seco de Benaocaz stream, west of Benaocaz town, near its urban center.

Altitude: 839 meters.

How to get there: from the Nazarí neighborhood, taking the Nazaries street, you ascend in a pedestrian way to an area of poplars, next to which this fountain is located.

Characteristics: Fountain that has a spout that pours water into a magnificent box for cattle trough and laundry. The curiosity of this pile is that according to the elderly, it is an old Roman sarcophagus.

Formerly there was another source in the population called “Fuente Nueva” (the New Fountain), nowadays disppeared, since it was destroyed and rebuilt in another nearby site but without water supply, with tow piles that were also Roman sarcophagi. The cover of said sarcophagus was located a the foot of the pile, and the water that summarized it was fallin and furrowing over it to carve a small channel.

In the town of Benaocaz came four sources with laundries associated with them, where each inhabitant had his favorite.

“In the case of this fountain and its laundry, people comment that it was appreciated because they put the clothes to dry in the nearby limestone rocks and say that the clothes seemed to whiten more”.

Water use: Cattle trough

Benaocaz - Tejar Fountain

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