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Monuments in Cádiz

Benaocaz – Town Hall

Monuments in Cádiz

Benaocaz – Town Hall

The Benaocaz Town Hall building is located in the heart of the town, the the Plaza de las Libertades 1 (Square).

The building of the City Council of Benaocaz has a rectangular floor plan, consisting of two floors in height and covered with Arabic tiles.

On the outside of the building we must emphasize as the most significant element, what is its main facade, which consists of a double open gallery, framed by semicircular arches, with the arches framed by pilasters that run along the facade in a vertical direction. The whole facade offers an aspect of extraordinary sobriety, since the only decorative element is the Bourbon Royal Shield located in the semicircular pediment that crowns the central balcony of the building, a pediment originated by the curvature of the upper cornice of the building.

Inside the town hall stands the access staircase to the upper floor, whose start consists of a single section, to later become the next section in imperial staircase. The cover of the stairs is resolved with beautifully made cupola, with a small lantern that illuminates it, and a decoration that we can consider baroque remnants, typical of the Academic Art, artistic style that developed during the reigns of the monarchs Carlos III and Carlos IV, is a style that in the province of Cadiz covers the last third of the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century.

Undoubtedly, the City Council of Benaocaz, hat to be carried out in the intermediate period between the construction of the City Council of Medina Sidonia, designed by Andrés Cárdenas in 1776 and the municipal building of Ubrique, dated in 1805.

Benaocaz Town Hall

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