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Water Dams in Almeria

Beninar Dam

Water Dams in Almeria

Beninar Dam & Reservoir – Beninar

Beninar Dam is located on the Grande de Adra river, in the andalusian municipality of Beninar, in the Almería province. (today the village is submerged under the waters of the reservoir and administratively dependent of Berja town hall).

The Beninar Dam was built with loose materials, with distinct profile inclined impervious core, rockfill shoulders and has a height of 87 m, the reservoir has a volume of 68,2 hm3. Its catchment area (521 km2) affects the provinces of Granada and Almeria on its eastern and western boundaries.


* The Beninar Reservoir basin has an area fo 521 km2, an average contribution of 45 hm3, an specific average of 85,37 mm and an average flow of 1,43 m3/s. Avenue project/flow rate of 500 m2/s.

* The Beninar Reservoir has a capacity of 68,2 hm3 and a flooded river length of 5 km.

* The dam was built with loose materials with a maximum height of 87 m above its foundations and crest length of 380 m.

* The dam has 1 spillway and 2 botton outlets.

* Coordinates UTM 30: 0497695-4081255


* Supply

* Irrigation (Campo de Dalias)

Beninar Dam & Reservoir - Beninar - Almeria

Presa de Beninar - Embalse de Benínar - Pantano de Benínar - Almería

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