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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Benizalón, Sierra de los Filabres Municipality

Benizalón is a beautiful town council that belongs La Sierra de los Filabres, in a landscape dominated by the semi-arid hills and gullies, where the almond tree is the predominant growing. In the middle of this landscape we can observe the town with its white houses, red roofs and its Mudejar church.

The first descriptions we find are the events that happened during the Moorish uprising, that started in Las Alpujarras from Granada and was extending by the places settled with Morisco in Almería.

When the conflict finished, the Morisco were expelled away the Kingdom of Granada, leaving devastated and left the houses and lands of the region. After the expulsion of the Morisco, it belonged the Estado de Tahalá of Enrique Enríquez de Guzmán’s jurisdictional domain, that covered some towns of the present Granada, with the ancestral home located in Baza and, in the present Almería, Alcudia de Monteagud, Benizalón, Tahal, Lucainena de las Torres.

Later, Benizalón it was part of the domain Marqués de Aguilafuente. One of the masters who preceded me in La School of the town, Juan García Berbel, had the chance of meeting and knowing «in a warm Sunday of autumn in Benizalón» one of the most brilliant and controversial writers of the young Spanish contemporary fiction, Ignacio Aldecoa, known because of his love of visiting forgotten places. With his girlfriend Josefina and other friends interested in the culture, the speech, the sayings and the customs; improvised a puppet show, parodies, readings and a dance in the square with the active participation of many neighbours who went the place to observe the unusual show.

It is said in the document that «they looked spellbound the evening silhouette of El Cerro de la Virgen under its the stars that illuminated the border of the deserted tops»; the dinner consisting of roast acorns, goat cheese, cured ham, homemade cold meats and a salad of watercresses, with a jug of white wine that shined like the gold; the walk, in donkey at daybreak and a written card for the master that said ¡Thank you Benizalón!.

But the reality for the 300 inhabitants was not so romantic; they live in 275 houses, in ruins or uninhabited.

If we compare the present situation of demographic backward movement with the situation in 1948 (M.A.T.), with 895 inhabitants in 159 families and 266 houses, or the census in 1989, that had 448 people, from whom 60 were an working population, 37 tried to find their first job; there were 70 schoolchild; 78 housewives, 112 pensioners, etc.

It is easy to understand the difficulties of survival that had these small towns of Los Filabres. Nowadays Benizalón has 328 inhabitants, 160 less than in 1970.

Benizalón Monuments

Parish Church of La Virgen de las Angustias, XVI century.

Hermitage of La Virgen de Monteagud.

Town Planning

Urban area with a great purity in the buildings.

Benizalón Gastronomy

Migas. Puchero. Caldo de huevos. Gurullos (flour pastry, water and oil that are crumbled in order to make small balls).
Acelgas esparragadas. Remojón. Pelotas. Choto a la pastoril. Trigo guisado. Fritada de sangre. Hornazo.
Sweets: Roscos de aguardiente. Roscos de naranja. Almendrados. Suspiros.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería, take the Road of Granada and cross Huércal de Almería. Keep going straight on, then take the road N-340 towards: Huércal de Almería – Almería – E-15 – N-340 – Nijar – Murcia. In the roundabout, take the salida 1 and continue in: A-92A towards: A-92 – Benahadux – Guadix. Alleyway of Benahadux. In the roundabout, take the salida 3 and continue in: A-92 towards: Guadix – Granada. Then take the exit towards: Salida 373/376 – Tabernas – Murcia – N-340a. In the roundabout, take the salida 2 and continue in: N-340A. Then you have to pass near Tabernas and follow the signs until you get Benizalón.

Distances from Benizalón

Los Gallardos
Almería 60 km
Los Castaños 46 km
Alhama de Almería 57 km

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