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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Berja, Sierra de Gádor Municipality, Almería

Berja is located to the South-east of Almería, to 14 kilometres from the Road 340, to 50 Km. from Almería and to 146 from Granada. It has 13.500 inhabitants, an average rainfall of 400 litres. An annual average temperature of 18 degrees and to 331 metre above sea level.

It is located at the foot of Sierra de Gádor, natural Entrance of La Alpujarra Almeriense and Granadina.

Berja has an area of 219,5 Km2 (after the incorporation of Benínar), that stretches from the mountain of Punta de la Higuera, 2500 metres altitude, until the Mediterráneo den Balanegra, that has 2.200 metres of coast.

Two important rivers cross the municipal area: Río Grande and Río Chico, flowing into the beaches of Adra.

Berja borders to the north on Alcolea, Laujar de Andrax and Fondón; to the west on Darrical, Adra and Turón; to the South on the Mediterranean Sea and to the east on Dalias and El Ejido.

Known like Vergi, in the VI century B.C, the region of the present Berja was a Phoenician settlement later occupied by Carthaginians, being a flourishing enclave until the VII century.

Later Banu Hasan’s family was settled in it. In this time it was built the Alcazaba over the ruins of Vergi and a settlement called Medina Bacha, from where it comes from the name of Berja.

From the VIII Century to the X it belongs to Kura de Ilbira, being member of the kingdom of Almotacín’s possessions until the XIII century. During the Christian reconquest, Berja was part of the Nasrid armies opposite to the Catholic Monarchs. When it surrenders they were part of Boabdil’s inheritance who, after his exile, he sold them.

In the XVI century it was repopulated by the Christians who came from another regions, but from this century until the XIX century these lands suffer several natural catastrophes that decimates the town.

At the end of the XIX century, it begins an economic peak thanks to the lead mining exploitations and the dessert grape growing. Nowadays, the agriculture in greenhouses and the tourism are going to promote its economy.


Citadel of Villavieja
Arab Baths
Tower of Los Enciso
Temple of La Anunciación
Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. de Gador
Hermitage of San Tesifón
Town Hall
Mill of El Perrillo
Plaza del Mercado de Berja


Berja emphasizes in its gastronomy due to the special and characteristic making of the typical dishes in Almería, giving them an extraordinary taste.

We have to emphasize the most delicious dishes such as: Migas con tropezones. Revuelto de collejas con patatas. Gachas coloras. Patatas a lo pobre. Pan de higo.

Sweets: Buñuelos. Leche frita (dessert made of milk thickened with flour, coated with egg and fried).

How to get there

You have to exit Almería towards Aguadulce, once you have crossed it, in the roundabout, take the salida 3 and continue in: E-15 / A-7 towards: N-340 – Motril – Málaga. Then take the exit towards: Salida 414 – Polígono Industrial – Santa María del Águila. Take N-340A, cross Santa María del Águila and follow the signs until you get Berja.


To Almería 51 km
To Dalías 9,5 km
To Adra 16 km
To Albuñol 36 km
To Balerma 25 km
To Balanegra 20 km
To La Alquería 16 km

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