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Villages in Huelva


Villages in Huelva


The municipality of Bonares is located in the south-east of the province of Huelva and occupies an area of 64´51 km ². It contains an area of beauty in the north with the municipalities of Niebla and the rio Tinto and in the south by the river Don Gil; the east by the municipalities of Rociana del Condado and Almonte, and the west by the municipality of Lucena del Puerto. The heart of the town can be found, in part, at the north end with an altitude of 81metres above sea level and 32kms from the capital of the province.

Archaeological remains found in the area are evidence that the lands have been inhabited since ancient times. The history is common to the whole area. Possibly from the first century AD there are the remains of a Roman villa found in a property known as Los Bojeos and near the cemetery remains of mosaics have also been discovered as well as the remains of a Roman necropolis in the El Arcornocal Estate.

Currently among the known historical documents, Jose Antonio Garcia tells of the archaeology and epigraphy from the fifth century Visigoth period that corroborates certain military settlements, with the discovery and subsequent siege and conquest of the city of Niebla by Alfonso X El Sabio (The Wise). From the Christian age onward Bonares joined with al Condado Niebla, linking its evolution to the newly created nobility.

Count Bonares paid a contribution in the form of one hundred and seventy reales and seventeen maravedíes.  In the nineteenth century, after independence as a municipality following the abolition of the estates, all participating villages in the south of the province began a slow but effective development as can be seen from the comparative data of the population, which has, currently, a significant rate of growth.

Bonares Monuments

Parish Church, 17th Century.
Ermita de San Sebastian.
Archaeological sites
Alcornocal estate.
Roman necropolis.


The typical dish of the area is the casserole, but we must also mention the stews of lamb and wild spinach. We must not forget the ubiquitous Easter cakes.

Getting There

Exit Huelva. Take Avenida De Cadiz. At the roundabout, take exit 3, continue along: H-30 and follow direction: Exit 15A – E-1 – A-49 – Seville. Continue along: H-31. Continue along: E-1 / A-49 and take the exit towards: Exit 60 – Niebla – Bonar. Turn right: A-4100 and enter Bonares.


Beas 31 km
Niebla 6.5 km
Huelva 34 km
Moguer 25 km
Rociana 8.5 km
La Palma del Condado 19 km

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