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Monuments in Cádiz

Bornos – Corpus Christi Convent

Monuments in Cádiz

Corpus Christi Convent – Bornos

The Corpus Christi Convent is located at the Plaza Las Monjas (square), in the Andalusian town of Bornos.

Sir Perafan de Ribera, I Alcalá duke and Tarifa marquess relinquished this land to build a hospital-home. Nevertheless, Juan de Ribera, his son, decided to destine the building to be a convent, purpose which was fulfilled up to the XX century.

Since it was founded, it has suffered many difficulties, as a fire in 1685 which completely destroyed the chapel, from which only the transverse arch remains.

In the seventies the city council took over the building due to its abandonment, rehabilitating if to foster the secondary school which is now there.

The building consists of two floors organized around an arcaded courtyard with semicircular arches. It is important to emphasize the carved stone banister which provides access to the second floor and the Nuestra Señora del Rosario convent founders’ tombstones, sir Francisco Enriquez de Ribera and lady Leonor Ponce de Leon.

Corpus Christi Convent

Corpus Christi Convent

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